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About GEA

Global Education Academy is in its 14th year of operation serving TK-7th grade students in South Los Angeles. At GEA, our main focus is to create global citizens who will ultimately become leaders in their community. With small class sizes, teachers are able to provide personalized attention to their students and tailor their instruction to the students' needs. Each classroom also receives support from an intervention teacher, which supports the personalized attention that many of the students may need. 
Teachers understand that students' social and emotional needs must be met in order for instruction to occur. They practice using positive behavior intervention systems, as well as restorative justice practices in their classrooms. Teachers also attend multiple professional development sessions to update their teaching practices and constantly communicate and collaborate with their peers to strengthen their craft. 
We believe that a home-school connection is vital to our students' success. Parents have multiple opportunities to be involved with their child's learning through events such as Back to School Night, Open House, Parent/Teacher Conferences, and Coffee with the Principal, as well as being involved in parent groups such as Booster Club, School Site Council, and District English Learner Advisory Council. 
Students are provided with a well-rounded academic experience at GEA. Students go on various field trips throughout the year, with one field trip consisting of visiting a local University or College campus. Every student is enrolled in either the Spanish or Korean foreign language program, and they learn the language in every grade level. As parents expressed that music instruction was vital to the students' learning, the Booster Club consistently raises funds every year in order to support the school in maintaining a music program. All students (in all grade levels) have access to their own Chromebook, which helps incorporate technology into the learning experience. 
During our 2022-2023 school year, we expanded even further, serving TK-8th grade students.

Our Goal

Global Education Academy's goal is to develop citizens of the world who are successful leaders not only in their local communities, but in the international community as well. Global Education Academy will provide students with a wide variety of linguistic and cultural experiences that give students the opportunity to develop a true understanding and respect for all people. Through a balanced curriculum that focuses on academic, linguistic, social, physical, and emotional development, students will be able to close the achievement gap. Global Education Academy will create a safe and challenging learning environment for students, parents, and faculty that emphasizes global awareness and leadership.

Our Vision

High quality public education for all students regardless of race or socio-economic status. Schools must empower students with a strong academic skill base as well as develop creative and critical thinking skills. Students in the 21st century require multi-lingual instruction and integrated technology to actively explore local, state, national, and global issues.