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Meet Ms. Yvette Martini

Ms. Yvette Martini – Intervention Teacher

I am passionate about inspiring students to discover learning is one of my callings that I have been fortunate enough to pursue for twenty years.  My ability to tap into students’ potential through creative guidance has resulted in their high academic achievements especially in ELA.

I possess the following:                                                                                                     

California Clear Multiple Subjects Credentials

Single Subject Credential in Visual and Performing Arts

Bachelor in Fine Arts from USC

Masters in Elementary Education from Loyola Marymount University


I believe each student is gifted in some capacity unique to them and that deserves to be validated, honored and praised.  As a professional teacher, artist and writer, I have led students to win scholarships based on their essays and win art competitions based on their artistic achievements. Steering students to discover learning empowers them to succeed as lifelong learners resulting in the enrichment of their futures.


Personally, I enjoy spending time with my Standard Poodle named Henri whose favorite game is catching soap bubbles.  I love nature, gardening, art museums and Paris, France where I was born.  I wrote my first novel during the pandemic and have almost completed a series of ten oil paintings of Joshua Tree. I also write and illustrate children’s picture books.  As soon as I find a publisher, I will let everybody know and I will celebrate from the rooftops!!!