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Meet Ms. Chanmie Kim

I love teaching because I love seeing students learning new things — that “ah ha!” moment is what I teach for. Ever since I started college, I have been learning more about education — I majored in Educational Sciences, B.A., at UCI, and I have a Master's degree in Teaching - Multiple Subject from Biola University. In addition, I worked as a behavior interventionist for children with autism, ages varying from as early as 36 months to 16 years old.


My teaching philosophy is creating a safe, inclusive environment where students can thrive and discuss their ideas without hesitation — I want students to freely share their thoughts and learn from one another. I love seeing things from a new perspective — that being said, I take pictures of loved ones with my unique perspective.


Fifth grade is awesome! As 5th graders are the highest grade at GEA 2 and are in the stage right before entering middle school, I lift each student up with different monthly activities so they can be prepared for middle school, not only academically but mentally and socially as well.


Welcome to My Classroom!

Ms. Chanmie Kim