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About Ms. Bo Kim

I love exploring different ways of teaching that allow groups of students with neurodiversity to learn without any limitations. I went to the University of Redlands with a degree in Communicative Disorder and Science. I also got my Master's in Special Education at Chapman University.


GEA 2 not only has students with multi-cultural backgrounds but also allows students to learn and treasure their cultures and ethnicities. Because I am not a classroom teacher and only work with individual students, I tend to celebrate more personal factors - such as improvements in their reading fluency, or completion of assignments. 

As a special education teacher, I believe it is my duty to provide ladders or steps for students with disabilities so that they can both overcome their disabilities and be on the same level as their peers. I believe all students have abilities to accomplish/ succeed and it is our duty to help and guide them to find their assets. I like to watch movies. Again, because I am not a classroom teacher I don't have classroom activities, but I collab with the classroom teachers to customize (accordingly to the classroom atmosphere) incentive systems to motivate the students. I am an expert on creating notes with pictures and colors to help students understand lessons more clearly. 



Ms. Bo Kim

RST Teacher



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