GEA 2 is Now Enrolling! Check out our TK/Kindergarten Program

At our school, we believe in tailoring our program to the educational needs of our students, and challenging (promoting) them to reach their highest academic potential as we teach the whole child. We utilize online programs which enhance these opportunities, as well as direct instruction which motivates them to expand their horizons and reach new heights. At this age, as Maria Montessori stated, they have "absorbent minds". We truly adhere to providing the best program possible to create the strongest foundation for the forthcoming years in school.


We have a vast majority of students excelling in all subjects, as evidenced by our Advanced Academic Scores.  This year alone, we had two Kindergarten students come out as top student working at 2nd Grade level in our Language Arts Online Program and we had around six other students working at 1st Grade Level in reading. Our students are continuously progressing and reaching new levels in our Language Arts Program. Students record their reading of Sight Words and Phonics Stories and other fun literary activities on SeeSaw. We showcase their written stories on ClassDojo where our Parent Community can enjoy reading them. To train their recognition of Sight Words, we practice reading and practicing their first 100 Sight Words in many ways. Our students have already read as a class close to 2,000 books on EPIC Digital Library!


Our new Math Program has also pushed our students to improve and excel in their math skills. They enjoy having Math Class Competitions on Jamboard. Our Math Program is paired alongside an Online Math Program through which students learn and apply math skills using discovery. Our students learn about a new number every day. To help students internalize their numbers, we celebrate the 100th day of school by counting down and representing the number 100.


We celebrate our students' accomplishments through certificates and ongoing communication with our parents. As you can tell, we most definitely provide an engaging and challenging learning environment for our scholars!


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